SGK’s Insurance Coverage Group has many years of experience providing insurance coverage analysis and advice to insurance carriers relative to complex insurance coverage matters.

Our attorneys monitor litigation and investigations across the country which underlie the various claims that are submitted to their clients for coverage. Our attorneys then work closely with our clients to identify and analyze the various coverage issues relating to such claims.

Monitoring Counsel

As monitoring counsel, the Insurance Coverage Group assists our clients in monitoring and managing complex litigation and claims including large class action lawsuits filed across the country. In this role, our attorneys draw from their experience in substantive areas of the law which underlie the various litigation and claims including, ERISA, tax, securities, corporate governance, labor and employment and accounting and tax malpractice, in order to help our clients understand and evaluate the potential liability and exposure related thereto.

Coverage Counsel

In our role as coverage counsel, the Insurance Coverage Group works closely with its clients to identify and minimize potential exposure resulting from the various claims. In this regard, we strive to develop and implement innovative and effective strategies for resolving coverage issues without the need for litigation. However, where appropriate, our attorneys have the experience and expertise to advocate on behalf of our clients in state and federal courts as well as in arbitrations and alternative dispute resolution proceedings.

We’re Here to Help

The Insurance Coverage Group has represented insurers relating to matters which have drawn much attention in the media in recent years including, the trading practices of the mutual fund industry relating to market timing, late trading, and excessive fees, the subprime lending practices of the banking industry, the sales and marketing practices of the life insurance and annuity industry, the reduction in pension and other retirement benefits in the corporate sector and stock drop and ERISA tag-along actions filed against large publicly traded companies.

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